Digital photo frames

The effort involved in storing and preserving precious memories captured on camera or on the smart phone can be a daunting one. More importantly, accessing and displaying them each time to family or friend has its own challenges. But hang one of those digital picture frames on your wall and you will have solved both […]

Corporate Gifts

Fitness tracker

Talk of fitness and there is a surge of interest among all age groups today. People are much more aware of the pitfalls of not engaging in regular physical activity. Life style diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity are the bane of those who shirk from exercising their bodies on a daily basis. One popular […]

Pen drives and Custom flash drives.

All of us do remember the days when we had to carry sheaf of papers, files and other documents with us for meetings and other important assignments. If you forgot something, you faced a lot of flak from your peers. There was also the challenge of maintaining these papers in the right order, protecting them […]

Video brochures

Marketing ideas have to keep pace with advancements in technology for them to be effective to their target audience. The concept of the video brochure is along those lines and has proved to be a cute innovation. No longer do you have to rely on expensive paper brochures to reach out to your target audience. […]