Diwali gifts for office staff

Are you looking for Interesting Diwali gift ideas for employees ? Reams have already been written about the benefits of keeping employees happy. A happy employee contributes to the company much more than a disgruntled one and this fact has been proven many a time scientifically and through studies. With Diwali approaching, it is the

Activity tracker

If the absence of an accurate methodology of tracking your physical activity was your excuse to put off daily exercising, then wake up and smell the coffee. You can now have access to an activity tracker that will tell you the steps you have taken in the day, the kilometers you have covered, the calories

Digital photo frames

The effort involved in storing and preserving precious memories captured on camera or on the smart phone can be a daunting one. More importantly, accessing and displaying them each time to family or friend has its own challenges. But hang one of those digital picture frames on your wall and you will have solved both

Fitness tracker

Talk of fitness and there is a surge of interest among all age groups today. People are much more aware of the pitfalls of not engaging in regular physical activity. Life style diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity are the bane of those who shirk from exercising their bodies on a daily basis. One popular

Interactive Desktop corporate gifts

If you are thinking of corporate gifts this time around then do consider going for interactive desktop corporate gifts and you will not go wrong. Rather than present the usual tried and tested items, why not go for some innovative and interactive ones that invite engagement from the recipient. Yes, the reference is to items

Power bank makes your brand a useful ‘support’ charger.

How often have you experienced that sense of frustration and absolute helplessness when your smart phone battery dies on you? So it is with many others and that is why the power bank wholesale gadget is a wonderful item for gifting. Just present this one device as a gift to your customers, associates and see

Pen drives and Custom flash drives.

All of us do remember the days when we had to carry sheaf of papers, files and other documents with us for meetings and other important assignments. If you forgot something, you faced a lot of flak from your peers. There was also the challenge of maintaining these papers in the right order, protecting them

Featured Good quality Smartwatch in bulk

The boom in smart phones sales is still on, thanks to the introduction of newer models with better features than ever before. People love the bigger screens, enhanced memory, better front and back cameras as well as the improved battery juice on many of these models. We are Smart watch wholesale suppliers in Mumbai, India. However,

Video brochures

Marketing ideas have to keep pace with advancements in technology for them to be effective to their target audience. The concept of the video brochure is along those lines and has proved to be a cute innovation. No longer do you have to rely on expensive paper brochures to reach out to your target audience.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are widely used nowadays for personal and official purposes. They occur in varied designs and sizes and can also be used indoors and outdoors. Thus you can use Bluetooth speakers at you desk to attend a conference call and you can even carry some varieties when you go camping or are listening to

World Travel Adapter

World travel adapter is an adapter with multiple USB ports that can be used to charge devices like smartphones, mobiles, cameras, tablets, camcorders and so on with ease. The adapter is portable and occurs in various shapes and sizes with varied number of USB ports. You can select this as a gift item if you

self stirring mugs

Self stirring mug is a small but fancy utility item that can be used by people of various ages. It can be a good corporate as well as a personal gift. You can use it as your coffee mug in office as well. We provide wholesale of self stirring mug with lid for coffee in