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Fitness tracker

Talk of fitness and there is a surge of interest among all age groups today. People are much more aware of the pitfalls of not engaging in regular physical activity. Life style diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity are the bane of those who shirk from exercising their bodies on a daily basis. One popular

Video brochures

Marketing ideas have to keep pace with advancements in technology for them to be effective to their target audience. The concept of the video brochure is along those lines and has proved to be a cute innovation. No longer do you have to rely on expensive paper brochures to reach out to your target audience.

Dancing Water Speakers

Dancing water speakers is an attractive and exciting gift item that can be gifted as a personal as well as a corporate gift. These are speakers with an attached display of water fountains that splash and dance to the tunes and amplitude of the music. The water display is seen in various colors and looks

portable mobile charger

We are wholesale suppliers, dealers of custom portable charger for mobile, portable mobile charger in Mumbai India   CALL US FOR WHOLESALE portable charger for mobile in MUMBAI ( India ) Ever been out and about and your phone’s run out of battery? It is really annoying when you notice your phone battery levels are

Calculator with notepad and a pen

A complete utility set is seen with a pen, notepad and calculator. This serves as a perfect gift for an occasion and it is easy to do a screen-printing job on it to promote your product. The set has high use and the compactness of the calculator does not take much space on your office

Promotional pens

Well modeled and smart pens are the best way to market a product. You can look into several options for pens with strings as well others that come in executive cases. You can also have an assorted set of promotional pens that are branded with the logo or message. Most times the name of the

conference folder

A conference folder with durability and interesting colors are always a useful kit. The folders are seen in plastics and for ecological reasons there are several others in handicraft material like soft jute and fiber.   The folders with proper pockets are also available. Brand name and logo can be printed on the same for

pen stands

We are suppliers of  pen stands, pen stand with clock,  wooden pen stand, metal pen stand, leather desk set, wooden desk set, pen stand with clock. We also have eco-friendly pen stands …                 LOW PRICED, ECO-FRIENDLY JUTE PEN STANDS                

Popular Corporate gifts

The corporate gifting companies in Mumbai are several but we offer you the most reasonable products that are an assurance of quality. We also have a variety in cards and mementoes and if you wish we can organize a display for you. Our e brochure will have several collections but if you want a good