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Dancing Water Speakers

Dancing water speakers is an attractive and exciting gift item that can be gifted as a personal as well as a corporate gift. These are speakers with an attached display of water fountains that splash and dance to the tunes and amplitude of the music. The water display is seen in various colors and looks

Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio – Now enjoy your music

Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio NEW LATEST RANGE OF BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS with WARRANTY !!!!! The Bluetooth connectivity is a great facility to get your device connected wirelessly. You can enjoy music with a great sound quality. If these Bluetooth speakers have an add-on facility of FM radio, it is an added jewel in the crown.

Calculator with notepad and a pen

A complete utility set is seen with a pen, notepad and calculator. This serves as a perfect gift for an occasion and it is easy to do a screen-printing job on it to promote your product. The set has high use and the compactness of the calculator does not take much space on your office

Desktop Gifts

Gifts for your employees like compact desktop articles are very useful. Valuing clients as well as employees contribution for your business is such a respectful idea. Your associates will reciprocate the same. Our ideas in desktop accessories are impressive. We have simple styles in clocks and also card holders. We have an impressive collection in