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World Travel Adapter

World travel adapter is an adapter with multiple USB ports that can be used to charge devices like smartphones, mobiles, cameras, tablets, camcorders and so on with ease. The adapter is portable and occurs in various shapes and sizes with varied number of USB ports. You can select this as a gift item if you

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are popular traditional gift items during festive seasons in India. During Diwali in Mumbai, Corporate or executive gifts have become a common way for businesses to offer gifts to their employees and other establishments they do business with. Diwali Corporate Gifting Solutions in Mumbai – Dry fruits – Exclusive designer dry fruit boxes

Brand Building and corporate gifting

The etiquettes of corporate gifting are about style. It is good to personalize the gift. As a part of brand building exercise, there are several promotional plans included by the sales team that can have economical as well as premium items. These can be mugs, pens, magnifying glasses, trekking camp sets or an exclusive set

Promotional pens

Well modeled and smart pens are the best way to market a product. You can look into several options for pens with strings as well others that come in executive cases. You can also have an assorted set of promotional pens that are branded with the logo or message. Most times the name of the

new product launch gift ideas

New product launch to senior business associates like agency heads & other senior most people require exclusive gifting. Corporate giveaway are planned weeks or months in advance. These promotional giveaway needs to be nice and classy. It’s ideal if the giveaway has some link with the overall theme of new product launch. The best suggestions

Corporate gifting companies

We are renowned corporate gift companies in Mumbai. Owing to our high standards and commitment we are able to cater to a large number of quantities. Our special challenge lies in producing new products each year. We are innovative as we have a good team of creative people who will do a lot of research.

Corporate gifts suppliers

We understand your responsibility and commitment and hence we supply good quality gifts. Our gifts are unique and help you to improve your relations with your employees as well as clients. You can also make a choice in the best type of packaging. We have economical offers too and bulk orders will certainly get you