Diwali gifts for office staff


Are you looking for Interesting Diwali gift ideas for employees ?

Reams have already been written about the benefits of keeping employees happy. A happy employee contributes to the company much more than a disgruntled one and this fact has been proven many a time scientifically and through studies. With Diwali approaching, it is the right time to think of Diwali gift ideas for employees and add to their joys. They will appreciate and treasure the gifts they receive from you as the employer and that will spur them to be loyal and more productive.

Remember that giving cash or rewarding employees monetarily has its advantages but only for a limited time frame. Once the employee has spent that money, there is hardly anything to remind him of your gesture. On the other hand, physical gifts retain their allure; remind the employee about you every time he or she uses the gift. There is better engagement and that in turn will promote greater loyalty towards the company.

Traditionally, festivals like Diwali and the New Year have always been times when gifts are distributed to employees, business partners, vendors, customers and so on. Over the years, these gifts have been more or less standard and a time has come when you need to be more creative about them. This time around, you can surprise your employees with Diwali gift ideas that are unique, utilitarian and affordable to you.

You have the choice of sticking to traditional gift items like calendars, writing instruments, desktop name boards, pen holders, passport holders, confectionaries, dry fruits and the like. Or you can combine these with more tech oriented gadgets that reflect the mood of the consumer in today’s times.

The digital world beckons

Considering though that we are in a digital world and we are so accustomed to using our smart phones, laptops, it is worthwhile to think of Diwali gift ideas for employees on those lines. The items that come to mind immediately are pen drives, hard disk drives, digital photo frames, VR glasses, fitness trackers, Bluetooth speakers, headphones to name a few.

The great advantage of these gifts is that you need not worry too much about your recipients being tech savvy to use them. Many are already using the best of smart phones and other such gadgets in their day to day life. Moreover, with the internet at hand, it is never too difficult to learn about usage of these items. Most importantly, when you order them in bulk, you get the benefit of rates that do not drain your pocket. You just have to ensure you order them well on time and with a trusted supplier like us.

Options like E-book readers, USB cables, musical bluetooth speakers smart watches, power banks, tablets are also ever so popular

You can see that you indeed have a wide palate to choose from. Within each device type, there are price bands depending on the features. So it is up to you to choose the device and features so as to avail of prices that are within your budget.

When you think of your employees, you must think of their families as well. So you can also consider toys for kids, attractive crockery, melamine items, decorative pieces, figurines, novelty items, paintings, bags and the like for the woman of the house.

You have such a wide spread of items to choose from, it is highly unlikely that you will disappoint anybody with any of these gifts.

All you need to do when you distribute the above gifts is to personalize them. That will really make the employee feel on cloud Nine that his employer recognizes the effort he has put in. Improved self esteem invariably leads to happier employees and that without doubt results in better output from the employee.

So, this time be innovative with the Diwali gift ideas for employees 2017.  We have a Wide range of customized corporate diwali gifts for staff in India.