Festival Giveaways and gifts in India

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Festivals in India are celebrated like a big fat Indian Wedding. Be it a festival of Hindu, Christian, Muslim or any other communities. As Indians, it is celebrated widely and flourishing throughout the country. This is the time where people will try to cherish the relationships whether it is at home or outside. Families gift their family members and relatives to show how they truly care, love and respect each other. Similarly, Corporates gift their Employees, Clients, Customers and Suppliers with gifts that they value and cherish considering them as an Extended Family. Therefore utility Gifting has become important and gaining momentum.

It’s all in these little and useful things which show how truly you matter to us. It’s important to pamper your loved ones.

Festival time brings a smile with a lot of efforts and planning done well in time. With the trend of Health fitness and Lifestyle check, People have reduced on giving sweets which are replaced with dark chocolates as gift hampers and giveaway that increases your happy hormones.

Traditional sweets are replaced with healthy sweets, dry fruits, Snack able items which are healthy and nutritious. They are given an appealing design with class and style and sophisticated look.

Festival Giveaways and gifts giving include to a larger section of the society right from your own family members, relatives to the people who help you around, big corporates include corporate gifts for CEO, board of Directors, Board of Members, Associates, Executives, Managers, Admin Staff, Logistics Department and for their family members as well. We offer latest, innovative, corporate gifts for diwali to clients under Rs 200, Rs 500, Rs 700 or Rs 1000. Call us for price list and catalogu

Items like Pen, T-shirt, Mugs, Key chains contribute major to the giveaway ideas.

However with the society changing and change in tradition and mind set of young ideas everyone likes Gifts which are multipurpose, of their choice or that matters to them.

Customised gifts and Tech Gadgets are on rising apart from gifting household and home living items.

Customised apparels like hoodies, caps and sports bags are great giveaways and gifts. Dark chocolates, Ferrero Collection, Hazelnut toffee filled with sweetness add to the icing.  Tech gadgets like Portable Desk Lamps, Portable cooling fan, Bluetooth LED Lamps with Speaker, Fitness watch, Power bank, 3in 1 charging cable wire, Office Supplies like Travel Alarm clock with speaker, Magnetic Sticky notes organiser and Table top items are many more not just limiting to the above are some great choice and trends during festival and gifting options in India.

A giveaway or gifting is an opportunity for you to cause an everlasting impression on your target audience. Give them something valuable and they shall fondly remember you for days, months and years after. This will also boost your image, your company and your brand and increase market value. We have a vast range of Corporates gifts for Employees in Mumbai. Call for bulk pricing.