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Talk of fitness and there is a surge of interest among all age groups today. People are much more aware of the pitfalls of not engaging in regular physical activity. Life style diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity are the bane of those who shirk from exercising their bodies on a daily basis. One popular excuse among those who have yet to catch the fitness bug has been the lack of an accurate tracker to monitor their activity. We are importers, dealers, traders and wholesalers of fitness band and fitness trackers in India

The smart fitness tracker though makes such excuses redundant. Worn like a watch around the wrist, these devices not only display time but a whole host of other parameters as well. Get to know the steps, distance covered, the calories you have burnt and also the heart rate activity with just a press of a button on these bands. Use the data and integrate through appropriate apps to see the results on your smart phone and your fitness regimen will never be the same again.