Latest Corporate Gift ideas for Diwali 2018

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Corporate gifting provides the company with a cherished means of strengthening relationships with its priority customers and employees, showing thoughtfulness, nurturing relationships and promoting the company’s business. A properly timed and appropriate gift is one of the best ways of conveying the important message that a relationship matters.

The festival of Diwali is one of the biggest and the brightest festivals celebrated in India. Diwali is an occasion to indulge and pamper. There cannot be a better occasion to make associations and relationships with employees, clients, and business partners, by pampering them a little with gifts that they are worth it.

Food gifting was largely restricted to the traditional sweets. Chocolates, dry fruits, assorted snacks hamper started replacing traditional sweets as they are considered suave. It’s packaged in varied appealing styles and in quantities that suited all budgets. They are also customized to carry messages and logos which helped in supplementing the brand recall. This also offered more consistency in quality and good taste in tastefully attractive packaging.

Selecting a gift can be tricky as when Employees are gifted with simple utility gifts often they are kept in cabinets and lie unused and Employees loose interest in using them as they already have many being used. Example gifts like Pen, diary, Umbrella, Notepads.

Therefore companies have come up with the latest gift ideas which are convenient and required essentially in every day’s life and shows there worthiness being in the organization and part to make it a success.

Power banks: Keeping your important handset charged all the time is the first thing and last thing a person considers before sleeping and after waking up. Therefore Gifting Power banks is a thoughtful consideration with sleek looks, affordable, portable and wireless that can be carried anywhere while you travel.

Certain Power banks come with Visiting card slot and Pen drive slot which allows your employees, clients and staff to carry identities important to them and to keep the pen drive along with the power bank in the slot provided. Power banks also comes with a combination of Diary and USB which carries an important diary, pen loop and slot for your Pen drive while your handset is charging.

Bluetooth Speaker: Music is everyone’s favorite while doing any form of work whether at home or in the cabinet or while having a small party/ gathering of friends, family and colleagues. Speaker comes at the rescue with its inbuilt feature of a wireless portable speaker with Bluetooth. Also features like attending and rejecting calls, the slot for micro SD card, USB slot, FM Radio.

Desk Lamp: Today’s time no women or man is sitting idle, everyone likes to be occupied with work with today’s late working hours, Desk lamp is in great trend and hottest selling portable product with bright and white light which is anti-flickering, saving from eye strain and headaches, its arm is completely adjustable with sensitive switch and USB to charge.

Smart Band: Today’s corporate world demands time and more over every one wants to stay fit to present in the industry whether it is a women or man, finding the perfect gift for a fitness fanatic can put you in a difficult proposition, Smart bands is in great trend and hottest selling portable product which track daily fitness and sleep activities is a popular and useful device to track and monitor the fitness activities.

Healthy life begins with smart band with heart rate sensor, detect real time heart rate and gives you real time data with decent accuracy. You can easily enter the heart rate monitoring mode all the time or whenever you want to measure it. It monitors blood pressure, blood oxygen, calorie and fatigue level.

Therefore these are some of the favorite products apart from many other tech related products while gifting during Diwali in Corporates.